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Testimonials and Reviews


Testimonials and Reviews

Every attorney claims to provide superior client service, but at Sadek and Cooper Law Offices, we believe our results truly speak for themselves.  We have received numerous positive testimonials from former clients, just a few examples of which we have compiled below.

Call our law offices at (215) 814-0395 to learn more about how we can assist your family in a free and confidential legal consultation.  Proudly serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our knowledgeable and experienced family law attorneys handle legal matters including:

  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements

Five-Star Client Reviews

“He explained everything. Mr. Cooper office is highly professional and efficient and put me at ease, which I didn’t not think would be possible at this difficult time.  He explained everything in detail, leaving nothing to question.”

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Delena, May 24, 2016


“If you need a great lawyer, choose Patrick Cooper! Mr. Cooper was my lawyer for my custody case.  When I went into his office for our first meeting, he made me feel very calm and hopeful.  I was super stressed out and I needed a lawyer who was going to help me out in a bad situation.  He gave me very realistic expectations and he promised to do everything in his power to help my case.  He always made sure I was always informed about what was going on in my case.

When it was time to go to court I was so nervous, but Mr. Cooper assured me that everything would be okay.  Mr. Cooper put his all into my case, and in the end, helped me get a good result.  I can’t thank him enough for being such a great lawyer, and a great person in general.  If you need a great lawyer, choose Patrick Cooper!”

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Kelly, May 23, 2016


“I would definitely recommend them. Mr. Cooper was professional, kind, and considerate.  He never misled me.  He always kept me aware of what could be expected, good or bad, so that there’d be no surprise.  His demeanor was such that I was kept comfortable, but alert at all times.”

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Bernardo, April 22, 2016


“They handled this situation very professionally. Mr. Cooper counseled us through a very upsetting time.  He was direct and forthright with his manner and very thorough in court.  He is currently dealing with a problem we have faced and again is handling this situation very professionally and appropriately.”

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Lionel, December 28, 2015



“Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Mr. Patrick Cooper for his sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life.”

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Posted by Shawnna, October 9, 2015


“Mr. Cooper: You definitely explained everything clearly, which did not leave any questions for us to ask.  You also kept us informed all the time on every bit of new information received on our case.  This helped make many of our days more relaxed and also helped us sleep comfortably at night.  Thank you.”

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Zara, August 17, 2015


“The initial consultation helped me to understand how the divorce process works and what to expect.  Once I met with my attorney, I knew Patrick Cooper was right for me.  He was very professional and they consistently responded quickly to my phone calls and questions.  I also liked the way they work as a team on many of their cases.  You don’t just hire an attorney; you get a whole team of family law experts.”

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Posted by Donica, July 4, 2015


“I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick James Cooper on two separate occasions. Patrick James Cooper and his staff provided an excellent level of service.  I was kept informed of everything that was happening with my case.  Patrick James Cooper outlined from the very beginning what my options were.  The outcome of both cases was better than I anticipated. Initially, I had some reservations about hiring an attorney to handle my case, but in the end I was very glad that I made the decision to do so and that I hired Patrick James Cooper!”

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Hye, March 16, 2015


“Thanks to Patrick Cooper, a very stressful situation for us was handled very quickly and professionally.  The outcome was exactly what we hoped for and was what Patrick Cooper had anticipated.  We greatly appreciate the personal attention and advice that resolved our legal issue to our satisfaction.”

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Karima, February 18, 2015


“We were so impressed by his work. Mr. Patrick Cooper was extremely helpful in resolving our legal matter.  We could not ask for a more honest and knowledgeable attorney.  He kept our costs as low as possible while giving us the highest quality service.  Thanks to him, our legal matter was resolved quickly and efficiently. Because we were so impressed by his work, we will be using Mr. Patrick Cooper in the future for our other legal needs.”

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Posted by Temika, October 20, 2014



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