Family law: your options as a healthcare professional


Whether you are a physician, researcher, registered nurse, or work in another area of the healthcare industry, your marital finances, your divorce, or your custody case will be affected by various aspects of your profession.

Relationships under quarantine

woman screaming

Couples and families are spending 24/7 with each other and are forced to deal with the stressors of a “new norm” and reduced resources. This can quickly take a toll on even the most stable of relationships.

How divorce impacts estate planning

When going through a divorce, there seems to be a never-ending list of tasks that have to be done. One important step is altering your estate plan. Often times, a person’s estate plan includes their significant other. During and after a divorce, there are a number of things that would need to be changed in […]

What Must You Do To Notify Your Spouse of Your Divorce Filing?

Once you have made the decision to file a complaint in divorce and the complaint has been prepared, signed, and filed, the next step is to provide your spouse with a copy of the divorce complaint and required accompanying documents in one a few specific ways outlined under Pennsylvania Law. Generally, before the Plaintiff in […]

5 Ways to Prepare for Divorce in Philadelphia

Gather Financial Information and Copy Documents I cannot stress this piece of advice enough. Often times, a potential client will come to consult with us and they do not know important information such as how much money they make, how much money their spouse makes, what their home is worth, or what they owe to creditors. […]