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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your PA Divorce

The divorce process has a great deal of power to impact your future. It will change your finances. It can change your relationship with your children. It can impact where and how you live and what career opportunities you can say yes to in the future.

So it’s absolutely vital for you to avoid making as many mistakes as you possibly can during the process.

Here are 7 common ones.

#1) Leaving the marital home too early.

Living with your ex can be really difficult when a divorce is in the works. Often, one spouse will try to guilt trip, manipulate, or browbeat the other into leaving.

Stand your ground. The person who leaves the marital home usually does not take the kids along. What happens is you instantly look less involved in the children’s lives. The parent who can prove greater involvement usually ends up with physical custody. And even if you have a very fair, nearly 50-50 set of parenting time orders, this might not be the outcome you’re looking for.

You certainly don’t want to give yourself any unnecessary disadvantages that could lead to even less parenting time

#2) Hiding assets, or failing to investigate assets which may be hidden.

Hiding assets can be very tempting. Divorce can inspire a lot of fear or resentment. Either emotion can lead you to try to protect what’s “yours.”

But some of those assets aren’t yours, unless they happen to be nonmarital property. And if they are nonmarital property, they’re protected anyway.

If you’re the spouse who hardly ever dealt with the finances then you could have the opposite problem. Your spouse could be hiding assets from you. Work with your attorney to find everything that’s there. Doing so could have a big impact on your standard of living well into the foreseeable future.

#3) Adopting a hardline stance.

You’re not going to get everything you want out of the divorce.

Let’s face it, if you really had what you wanted you’d walk away with all the assets, 100% custody of the children, total freedom to live wherever you want and no need to pay child support or alimony. No need, in fact, to ever see or think about your ex ever again.But it doesn’t work that way. You’re going to get some of what you want, and you’re going to have to live with a few things you wish you didn’t have to live with.

The sooner you accept this reality the better off you’ll be. Compromises can save you a great deal of time and money during the divorce process. Digging in your heels means turning your fate over to a perfect stranger who only gets a short window of time to review your case.

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#4) Violating court orders.

Contempt of court is a criminal charge. Court orders aren’t suggestions. When you divorce you invite the courts into your lives. You can seek modifications. You can work with your lawyer to get the most favorable court orders you can get.

But parts of your life are going to end up governed by at least a handful of orders. And you need to read them closely, understand them, and abide by them even if you think they’re inconvenient, stupid, or difficult.

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#5) Staying active on social media.

Everything you post can and will be used against you. It will be taken out of context. Certain posts can impact the division of marital property or your eventual custody arrangements.

It may even cost you in other ways. If your ex gets offended or angry over something you post then he or she could dig in even more. This can make it difficult to compromise.

#6) Agreeing to temporary orders without considering their implications.

Many times temporary orders become permanent orders. If you didn’t fight the temporary order you’ll have a harder time fighting the permanent one, because clearly this is already a doable situation that’s working as well as it’s going to.

This is not to say you can fight every order successfully, but you should work with your lawyer to get the best results you can even when the judge is issuing temporary orders.

#7) Making unfounded accusations or allegations.

You may think these accusations can get you an edge in the divorce proceeding.

But there’s a good chance you’ll be found out. And when you are, the judge is likely to penalize this behavior. He or she will have some leeway when crafting the final order, and you will end up at a disadvantage.

You’ll also make things harder for people who really are dealing with abusive or frightening behavior, because false allegations have a way of reducing everyone’s ability to be taken seriously.

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Getting a divorce? Speak with a Sadek Family Law attorney today.

There’s one more mistake a lot of people make. They try to handle their divorce on their own.

This can lead to disaster. Do your divorce right from Day 1. Call us to schedule a free consultation, and get the help you need to get the best possible results.

4 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Divorce

As Philadelphia divorce attorneys we meet clients on a regular basis who make major mistakes before they ever come to us.

We’re hoping to help you avoid some of them here and now, so your divorce case moves a bit more smoothly when the time comes. And some of the worst ones can happen not just before you call a lawyer, but before you even file for divorce at all.Here are four of the really big ones.

Make a major purchase.

Buying a brand new car before a divorce is a disaster waiting to happen.

You are creating an expensive new debt and a major new asset all at once. You could buy the car only for your spouse to end up with it. Or for the judge to force you to sell it. You could end up paying the payments for a car your spouse is driving around in. The possibilities are as endless as they are disheartening.

Keep spending money like nothing has changed.

No matter what, your lifestyle is going to change after your divorce. Managing your newly adjusted finances is going to be one of your next major challenges.

Unless you get a new job or a major windfall a few months after your divorce, you are never going to walk away with more money than you had while you were married. You’re losing the other spouse’s income, or you’re gaining some new massive financial obligations in the form of child or spousal support.

It’s wise to start saving as much money as possible the moment you know a divorce could be on the horizon.

Tell friends or family members.

Wait until the Summons & Complaint have been served to your spouse. The last thing you want to do is tip him or her off before you’re ready to begin the process.

Don’t imagine that telling your best friend you’re thinking about divorcing your spouse won’t make the rounds back to your spouse. Chances are you both have friends in common. You run in the same circles. People talk.

Ask for advice from anyone other than an attorney.

The moment you announce you are getting a divorce you’re going to hear more free advice from people who are not attorneys than you know what to do with. People will tell you with all the authority in the world that they know exactly what your spouse can and can’t do, what you’re definitely going to get, and how you can “guarantee” certain outcomes.

Do not listen to a word of it.

Even if they got divorced in Philadelphia.

Every divorce is different. Subtle changes in circumstances can create big changes in outcome. Even getting a different judge can make a difference. Take advice from a qualified divorce attorney. Nobody else. Otherwise you might find it hard to live with the outcome.

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