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Own a Business in Pennsylvania? Getting Married? Responsible Business Leadership May Require a Prenup or Premarital Agreement

Owners or partners of a tech start-up, a home improvement company, a restaurant, or any other type of business probably understand that their company is one of their greatest achievements. Aside from fulfilling a commonly held American dream, partial or full ownership of one’s own business provides many benefits including the ability to work in…

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Are Post-nuptial Agreements Valid and Enforceable in Pennsylvania?

Most people are probably familiar with prenuptial agreements. These agreements are named as such because they occur previous to the couples “nuptials” or marriage. As opposed to a prenuptial agreement, one can probably deduce that a post-nuptial agreement would occur after the couple has married and is husband and wife. While many people, especially high-asset…

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When Is a Prenuptial Agreement Enforceable in a Pennsylvania High-Asset Divorce?

For many successful individuals who have built a comfortable and perhaps lavish lifestyle independently, it can sometimes be difficult to build and maintain relationships due to their wealth. While it is a less than admirable aspect of human nature, some people are simply interested in securing wealth and the lifestyle that goes with wealth by…

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Is It Proper to File for My Divorce in Pennsylvania Courts?

When a marriage is irretrievably broken, the behaviors of one spouse have rendered the marriage intolerable to the innocent and injured party, or other difficult situations arise a divorce may be necessary. While spouses rarely set out in a marriage contemplating that the relationship may not last forever, the Pennsylvania Divorce Code does provide for…

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When Is a Protection from Abuse (PFA) Order Appropriate and How Can I Get a PFA?

Many relationships are fruitful endeavors where both parties experience personal growth. Unfortunately, some relationships are troubled from the start where one party engages in physical or mental abuse against the other. In other scenarios, previous stable relationships may encounter significant stresses that results in one partner becoming mentally or physically abusive against the other. However,…

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How Does a Pennsylvania Court Decide Who gets Custody of a Child or Children?

When a parent realizes that he or she wants or is facing a divorce, one of their first concerns is often who will get to have custody of the children. For many parents, their children are the center of their world and they would do anything to further their child’s best interests. However, parents in…

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Can Social Security Benefits Affect One’s Alimony Benefit or Obligation?

Most people are aware that, as part of a divorce, a settlement of marital assets and property is necessary. The courts, endeavor to ensure that any alimony award is equitable. That is, the award is fair based on the circumstances presented by the divorce. However, the moment the decision in a divorce proceeding is rendered…

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What is Alimony?

It is no surprise that money is a source of constant bickering during a divorce. Alimony, or spousal support, is the regular payment that one spouse pays to another. The spouses can either amicably agree on the amount that will be paid, or the court can make the decision if the parties cannot agree. In…

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What is a No-Fault Divorce?

While marriage is a beautiful thing, divorce can get downright ugly. However, the ending of a marriage doesn’t have to be so drama-filled, especially when it is a no-fault divorce. In Pennsylvania, divorce comes in three different flavors: mutual consent, fault-based and no-fault. Since fault is a prerequisite for divorce, many couples find it easier…

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What is Legal Custody?

During divorce proceedings, when children are involved, things can get quite sticky in terms of custody. There are a variety of custody situations, but one of the most hotly contested is legal custody. In Pennsylvania, legal custody is defined as the person who has the right to make major decisions that affect the child. These…

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What is Physical Custody?

When divorce arises, nobody wants to give up possession of anything— especially not children. In such situations divorcing spouses who have children must decide who will get various forms of child custody: it’s noteworthy that physical custody can get especially contentious.

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What is Spousal Support?

Even though the terms “spousal support” and “alimony” are used interchangeably, they are actually quite distinctive. While both mean that one spouse pays the other; a spousal support order is made before a divorce is finalized. In essence, it means one spouse will provide support to the other spouse after they have separated. In some…

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How Do I know if I am Entitled to Child Support?

After a divorce, child support is a constant topic of discussion. Child support is basically the amount of money paid monthly to the person who is raising a child to help cover the child’s expenses. The custodial parent, or the parent who has primary custody of the child, receives money from the non-custodial parent, who…

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What Assets am I Entitled to Receive in my Divorce?

1. Real Estate For many married couples, their biggest asset (and sometimes their biggest debt) is found in their marital home. Because the “marital estate” of any divorcing couple is comprised of most assets and most debts acquired or incurred between the date of marriage and the date of separation, real estate is a very…

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What Must You Do To Notify Your Spouse of Your Divorce Filing?

Once you have made the decision to file a complaint in divorce and the complaint has been prepared, signed, and filed, the next step is to provide your spouse with a copy of the divorce complaint and required accompanying documents in one a few specific ways outlined under Pennsylvania Law. Generally, before the Plaintiff in…

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