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Breaking Off an Engagement in Pennsylvania

Historically, engagements were about as legally binding as a marriage. Today, though, engagements are very different. Ending an engagement is not as complicated as a divorce, but does have some complicated legal principles to account for. Our Philadelphia divorce lawyers explain some basic points about recovering wedding-related expenses after an engagement is broken off in Pennsylvania,…

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What are the Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples After a Breakup?

Marriage is not for everyone.  So many people today live together, but never actually get married.  While there are systems in place for married couples to get divorced, there is not really a similar system for unmarried couples.

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Changes May Be on the Way for Protection from Abuse Orders in Pennsylvania

The current system of protection from abuse orders (PFAs) in Pennsylvania aims to keep victims of abuse safe from further harm.  PFAs place strict conditions on defendants, and work quickly.  There are also stiff penalties for violating PFAs.

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What Can I Do if I Am Not Receiving Child Support Payments in Pennsylvania?

When married parents get divorced, the custodial parent (parent with custody) is often left with considerably less income.  This can create financial strain for the custodial parent as they raise their young child.  To remedy this situation, the law allows Pennsylvania’s family courts to order non-custodial parents to provide financial support to custodial parents.  This…

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How to Reduce Alimony in Pennsylvania

Alimony is a recurring payment from one spouse to the other following a divorce in Pennsylvania.  The courts consider the financial repercussions of each divorce on a case-by-case basis, and do not always find that alimony is appropriate.  However, when alimony is awarded, it can gradually become a serious financial burden for the payor spouse. …

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Limits Grandparent’s Rights

In the recent case of D.P v. G.D.P the Pennsylvania Supreme Court tackled a touchy subject in child custody cases, that is the rights of the custodial rights of grandparents.  Specifically, the case of D.P v. G.D.P struck down a provision of Domestic Relations Code that gave grandparents the legal ability, or standing, to sue…

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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Pennsylvania?

When beginning the Pennsylvania divorce process, one of the first questions many people ask is how much their divorce is going to cost.  While it is impossible to answer that question without first knowing the details of your family’s circumstances, our Philadelphia divorce lawyers can provide general guidance on some of the expenses associated with…

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When are you Entitled to Alimony?

When you get married you are not only becoming a couple in the eyes of the law, but you are also becoming a couple oftentimes in the eyes of the bank. Couples commonly mix their assets and it is not uncommon for one spouse to support the other. However, while this is generally not a…

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How Long Does It Take For a No-Fault Divorce?

Divorce is never an easy process and sometimes can be extremely contentious and lengthy. However, sometimes a couple decides that they simply weren’t meant to be married anymore and seek a no-fault divorce. Although a couple may seek a no-fault divorce it can be a surprisingly lengthy process even considering the waiting period was just…

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Do I Need my Husband or Wife’s Signature to Get a Divorce in Pennsylvania?

One of the most common legal questions we receive from potential family law client at Sadek & Cooper is whether an individual needs the signature of his or her spouse to get a divorce in Pennsylvania. As with most legal questions, the best answer we can give online is that it depends on your goals…

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Pennsylvania’s Act 102 Shortens No-Fault Divorce Waiting Period to Reduce Childhood Trauma

When children are involved in a divorce, it is important for all parties to take steps to minimize the emotional trauma that the children will experience. Frequently, both parents are able to set aside their differences, in at least when it comes to the children, for a variety of reasons. Motivations may include a sincere…

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What Child Custody Rights do Single and Unmarried Parents Living in Pennsylvania Have?

Despite years of social progress that have steadily eroded and eliminated negative stereotypes regarding single and unwed parents, some people still have concerns about their legal standing regarding custody. For parents concerned about whether getting married creates additional parental rights, there is good news. That is, the act of getting married does not provide any…

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Facing a High Asset Divorce? Work with an Attorney and Avoid these Three Common Property Division Mistakes

Many high-asset couples are each, individually, sophisticated financial parties who are concerned about the assets their hard work and education has permitted them to accumulate. In other high asset relationships and marriages, one party may be the main breadwinner but both parties are likely financially sophisticated. However, despite education, business, savvy, and an array of…

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Pennsylvania’s Divorce and Child Custody Laws Protect Spouses and Kids from Domestic Abuse

Marriages can fail for a number of reasons. Some marriages run into difficulties due to disagreements regarding between the husband and wife in how children should be raised. In other circumstances, one partner may decide that he or she wishes to re-prioritize his or her life in a way that does not comport with marital…

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Own a Business in Pennsylvania? Getting Married? Responsible Business Leadership May Require a Prenup or Premarital Agreement

Owners or partners of a tech start-up, a home improvement company, a restaurant, or any other type of business probably understand that their company is one of their greatest achievements. Aside from fulfilling a commonly held American dream, partial or full ownership of one’s own business provides many benefits including the ability to work in…

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