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Philadelphia Child Support Termination

Can Child Support be Dropped in Pennsylvania?

If you have been ordered to pay child support in Pennsylvania, your first goal may be to figure out a way to stop paying child support. On the other hand, if you are receiving child support payments from your children’s other parent, you may be worried that the money may suddenly come to an end.…

Philadelphia Divorce Lawyers

When Are Fault Divorces Granted in Pennsylvania?

If you are considering undergoing a divorce, or are currently in the middle of the process, it may seem like the ultimate goal is very far away. The processes for getting a divorce based on one party’s fault can be difficult, drawn-out processes in Pennsylvania. Not only might there be disagreement and animosity between the…

Pennsylvania Child Support Lawyers

Can Child Support be Taken from SSI in Pennsylvania?

SSI is the typical abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income. SSI is part of the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s programs, and is one of the types of Social Security incomes they provide. Contrasted with retirement benefits or disability benefits, SSI is for low-income individuals who are either over 65 years old, blind, or disabled. Because SSI…

Philadelphia Grandparent Custody Lawyers

When Can Grandparents Receive Child Custody in Pennsylvania?

Grandparents are sometimes the most respected and revered people in a grandchild’s life. In some families, grandparents may only come on holidays, but in other families, grandparents are half-time or full-time caregivers. In families where the grandparents want to take over raising the children, can a grandparent get full legal custody of their grandchild? Pennsylvania…

Philadelphia Child Support Modification Lawyer

Can Child Support Take My 401k in Pennsylvania?

If you are paying child support, you may find it difficult to make court ordered payments. This can lead to problems if the court wants to garnish your wages to enforce support orders. If you are having difficulty paying your child support order, talk to an attorney. You may be entitled to modify your child…

Philadelphia Child Support Lawyer

Can Child Support be Garnished from Two Jobs in Philadelphia?

Child support is often a hot topic for debate in the news and among divorced or unmarried parents. Pennsylvania’s child support system is broad-reaching and has a lot of power to enforce child support orders. The best option for a parent who is swamped with child support payments or unable to pay is to talk…

Philadelphia Divorce Attorneys

Why People Need Divorce Lawyers in Philadelphia?

Legal issues surrounding divorce are often more complex than people expect when they file for divorce. In some cases, you may be able to apply for a no-fault divorce, which can go through the courts quickly and easily. Even in these cases, it may be difficult or confusing to file the paperwork with the courts.…

Philadelphia Alimony Lawyer

Can Alimony be Extended in Pennsylvania?

Alimony – also known as spousal support – is money one ex-spouse pays the other after divorce. This money is intended to pay for housing, food, and similar necessities for the spouse, as well as maintain their standard of living from marriage. Depending on the parties’ needs, alimony could be granted on a short-term or…

Pennsylvania Divorce Trial Lawyers

When can Divorce Cases go to Trial in Pennsylvania?

Divorces in Pennsylvania can be done two ways. For a “no-fault” divorce, the parties can apply to a court together and, if both sides agree, a judge can grant a divorce without holding a hearing. If the parties disagree on issues, such as the division of assets, child custody issues, or one party’s “fault” in…

Philadelphia Child Custody Attorneys

New Supreme Court Ruling Highlights the Importance of Accurate Birth Certificates

Many same-sex couples across the country have gone through bureaucratic issues dealing with paperwork and filings since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country in 2015. Since then, states have been catching up – or refusing to change – their forms and records to have gender-neutral language that allows same-sex spouses the same…

Northeast Philly Divorce Lawyers

Where to Start when Filing for Divorce in Northeast Philly

If you are considering filing for divorce, you should always talk to an attorney. There are a few things you can do on your own, but most people are not comfortable filing documents with the court and handling their own divorce lawsuits. Having an experienced Philadelphia divorce attorney on your side can make that process…

Philadelphia Child Custody Attorneys

5 Important Steps to Win Child Custody in Philadelphia

Child custody battles are some of the hardest legal battles to go through. It can feel like your entire life and your abilities as a parent are under fire. In any custody case in Pennsylvania, the courts’ first priority is the best interests of the child. Judges give very little weight to the parents’ genders,…

Philadelphia Alimony Lawyers

How is Alimony Calculated in Philadelphia

Alimony, also called “spousal support,” is money that a former spouse pays another to help take care of housing, food, clothing, and other day-to-day expenses. Alimony is usually awarded in divorces where one party supplied most of the income while they were married. Because Pennsylvania law sees it as unfair to provide a former spouse…

Philadelphia Child Support Modification Attorneys

Pennsylvania Child Support Laws 2017

Pennsylvania periodically updates many of its child support rules to reflect changes in society and the cost of living. Starting on May 1, 2017, Pennsylvania’s updated child support guidelines went into effect. These changes usually last for four years, so these numbers should be correct until 2021. This may entitle many people who are receiving…

Pennsylvania Adoption Lawyers

Pennsylvania Adoption Requirements

Adoption is a wonderful thing. It helps children who otherwise have no home find a family that will treat them as one of their own. Before Pennsylvania law lets you adopt, there are a few requirements that must be met. Whether you are adopting from an orphanage in Pennsylvania, another state, another country, or adopting…

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