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How Long Should a Separation Last?

Recently here on our blog we took the time to cover the differences between divorce and separation. In this post, we maintained it was possible to remain separated for as long as both parties wished. But is it advisable to remain separated for a long time? How long should you wait before giving in and suing for…


Can I Charge My Ex Rent?

As Philadelphia family law attorneys we encounter quite a few clients who have vacated the marital home but who continue to make payments on that home. They want to know if they can charge their exes rent so they can offset those costs. As with  most questions pertaining to the law, the answer is a…


Ignore the Implications of Joint Legal Custody at Your Own Risk

As Philadelphia family lawyers we encounter a great deal of confusion about custody. Clients often come to us speaking of custody as if it means just one thing: who the child will live with, and who the child will be visiting. In reality, there are quite a few different custody arrangements. It’s complex. There are…


Does a PFA Order Really Protect Abuse Victims?

As Philadelphia family lawyers we are keenly aware we deal with life-and-death situations when a client comes to us with a domestic abuse concern. It’s one reason we breathe a sigh of relief when someone does come to us. So many abuse victims try to file protection from abuse (PFA) orders alone, and end up creating major…


Who Has the Right to Seek Visitation in Philadelphia?

The definition of a “parent” was once pretty set in stone. You were a parent if you either were the biological parent of that child, or you were a parent if you’d obtained parental rights through the process of adoption. But in recent years the courts have had to adapt to a vast array of…


IVF Technology Can Create Reproductive Complications for Pennsylvania Divorcees

As times, culture, and technology continue to evolve new issues spring up in family law all the time, issues which move well beyond the standard concerns of child support, child custody, division of property, spousal support and division of debts. As Philadelphia family lawyers we find ourselves having to get versed in the ins and…


Changes to Pennsylvania Tax Law May Impact Your Divorce

As Philadelphia family lawyers one of our most important jobs is staying on top of legislative changes and proposed legislative changes which might have an impact on our client’s cases. And as we move into the final month of tax time it’s the ideal moment to draw your attention to a very recent tax law…


Is There Such a Thing as Common Law Marriage in Pennsylvania?

As Philadelphia divorce lawyers we often hear people tell us they don’t have to get a formal marriage, because they are already involved in a “common law” marriage. If you think this describes your situation we’d like to advise you that it’s important to be very careful with it, as you may not be as…


What if My Child Doesn’t Want to Spend Time With the Non-Custodial Parent?

As Philadelphia divorce lawyers we hear about this sticky situation all the time. It can be emotionally distressing for the custodial parent and vastly upsetting for the non-custodial parent. It can sow the seeds of distrust and escalate a stable situation into an unstable one. And it can land you in contempt of court if…


Can I Move Away from Philadelphia After My Divorce?

One thing many Philadelphia couples don’t realize is divorce does have the potential to restrict the custodial parent’s ability to move out of the state, or even out of the city. As the custodial parent you need to be open to the idea that you may not be free to take that fancy new job…


Is Nesting a Good Option for Your Philadelphia Divorce?

In a previous post, we talked about whether or not fighting for the house is a good idea for Philadelphia divorcees. One thing we didn’t address in that post is a co-parenting arrangement that’s gaining popularity around the country: nesting.   Nesting is an arrangement in which the divorcing parents keep the marital home so…


3 Things to Know About Philadelphia Annulments

Sometimes clients come and ask us if they can just get their marriage annulled. Often this is a concept they’ve encountered through the media, either via the plots of some television shows or by following certain celebrity annulment attempts. But just because annulments make good fiction doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Indeed, annulment can be…


4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Try to Handle Your Own Divorce

It’s pretty universal in the age of the Internet. Most of the people who seek a divorce at consider the DIY divorce option (more properly called a pro se divorce) at least once. After all, it seems so easy and cheap. Download the forms. File the fees. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, a…


Is It a Good Idea to Keep the House When Divorcing in Philadelphia?

One of the most emotional decisions in any divorce is whether you’re going to try to fight for the house. For many couples, the house represents the best memories, the biggest investment, and a cornerstone of stability for the kids. Once, winning the house was considered a major coup. But more divorcees are starting to…


4 Things You Should Know About Joint Custody in Philadelphia

As Philadelphia divorce lawyers we meet with a lot of clients who have a very narrow idea about what it means to seek custody of the kids. Various media sources encourage parents to think of custody as a zero-sum game, where one parent will spend 99% of their time raising their child alone while the…

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