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4 Problems Your Divorce Lawyer Can Help With

Getting a divorce really is the equivalent of getting major surgery, so we’re always surprised to find individuals continuing to try to file pro se. Sure, there are dozens of websites which can make it seem like nothing could be simpler than filing divorce paperwork, but divorce is about more than the paperwork. As Philadelphia…

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What Bitcoin Could Mean for Your Pennsylvania Divorce

Bitcoin seems like it would be a marital asset like any other. But across the nation, Bitcoin is creating real challenges for us family lawyers. There are no laws on the books which specifically address Bitcoin and divorce in our state. But divorcing couples certainly recognize the need to watch this asset. Right now, overseas,…

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How Your Pennsylvania Divorce Could Impact Your Apartment Lease

There’s always a lot of discussion about home ownership whenever the topic of divorce comes up. Often, there’s an assumption a family home with a mortgage is somewhere in the mix.   But plenty of married people live in apartments, and plenty of divorcing spouses wind up with apartment leases they have to deal with.…


Strategies for Protecting Your Business In the Event of a Pennsylvania Divorce

Want to talk about a terrible divorce outcome? Losing the company you built from the ground up. You end up an unwilling business partner with your former marriage partner. Your entire company could collapse, too. Sometimes the business is even the cause for the divorce. If you’re just starting your business or just entering into…

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How to Create a Solid Parenting Plan

In a recent post we talked about divorcing well, and touched on how to do that in a way that could make your children’s lives better. One of the things we talked about was creating a plan for parenting time built on mutual respect, something both parties could adhere to and could make work. Today,…

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Get a Better Divorce: Reframe Irreconcilable Differences

It’s often emotionally devastating to hear your partner wants a divorce. Grief, sadness, and anger are all part of the process. Yet anger, especially, can get in the way of making smart decisions during the divorce process. It can lead you to drag a divorce that might have settled amicably all the way into the…

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7 Things You Should Know about Prenuptial Agreements

They’ve been a feature of a dozen soap opera plots. People who ask for them are often villainized. But a prenup can be a smart move. In fact, they’re getting extremely popular, largely because people are getting married much later in life and so have more to protect. And while nobody wants a marriage to…

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4 Things You Should Change After Your Divorce

As Philadelphia family law attorneys we often spend time on our blog offering information on what you should be doing before and during your divorce. But there are things you should be taking care of even after the ink dries on your divorce decree. Today, we wanted to take a moment to cover those. #1)…

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Protecting Your Parental Rights When You Use a Sperm Donor

Using a sperm donor to conceive a child isn’t as cut-and-dried, legally, as people like to think it is. This is especially true here in Pennsylvania, where genetics plays a huge role in how the law approaches paternity issues. Thus, in some cases sperm donors can sue for parental rights. Failing to protect yourself can…


Can You Go to Jail for Failing to Pay Spousal Support in Pennsylvania?

In 2009, a Pennsylvania judge freed H. Beatty Chadwick from the Delaware County prison where he served a 14-year sentence for failing to make alimony payments. This was a record sentence for a contempt charge. Chadwick had failed to deposit a $2.5 million check into a court-controlled account, and the courts believed he hid the…

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New Tax Laws Call for New Spousal Support Strategies

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act goes into effect on December 31, 2018; as a result, people who used to pay alimony will no longer get a tax break for doing so. This is changing the face of divorce negotiations. What are your options if you are the spouse in the higher income bracket? Most of these…


5 Things You Should Do During Your Separation

If you’re pursuing a formal separation from your spouse in Pennsylvania you’ve got at least one year before either one of you can initiate the divorce. It’s important to use this time wisely if you want to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable divorce settlement when the dust finally settles. Chances are you will…


Opioid Crisis Prompts Changes in Pennsylvania Child Custody Laws

As Philadelphia family lawyers we’ve fielded many questions from grandparents about whether they can sue for custody. We’ve also heard from aunts, uncles, and even family friends who want to step in when a child’s situation gets bad. Sometimes, Mom isn’t fit to raise a child. Sometimes Dad isn’t. And sometimes neither parent is. Sadly, the…

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Does Establishing Paternity Always Require a Genetic Test?

A child gets born out-of-wedlock. Or a mother lies about who the father is. Either way, a door gets opened, a door leading straight to paternity issues. Paternity cases come in two flavors. Either the parent wants to prove or secure parenting rights, or he wants to disprove paternity to avoid meeting unnecessary parental obligations,…


4 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Divorce

As Philadelphia divorce attorneys we meet clients on a regular basis who make major mistakes before they ever come to us. We’re hoping to help you avoid some of them here and now, so your divorce case moves a bit more smoothly when the time comes. And some of the worst ones can happen not…

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