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What You Need to Know About Supervised Visitation

As Philadelphia family lawyers we get a lot of questions about supervised visitation. It can be confusing, even distressing, to hear you can’t see your child without having someone else present. Here’s what you need to know if you are the parent in this situation. If you’re the custodial parent with some questions about supervised…

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Why You Need an Attorney for Your Pennsylvania Adoption

As Pennsylvania family law attorneys we meet a lot of people who are very surprised to learn they might need a lawyer for their adoption. Often people have the idea they can just walk into an agency, follow whatever procedure the agency sets for them, pay a bunch of money, and they’re done. But adoption…

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Can An Adult Child Sue for Back Child Support in Pennsylvania?

Child support remains both a controversial and somewhat misunderstood subject. And as Philadelphia divorce lawyers, we hear a lot of questions about it, especially since a great deal of child support goes unpaid in our state. One question we sometimes get comes from an adult child, say, a college student, or a young person just…

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Co-Parenting Your Way Through the Holidays

The final quarter of the year is here, which means all the holidays are on the way. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Christmas. Kwanzaa. New Years. And any other major holiday you may celebrate between now and January 1, 2019. Holidays can be fraught for divorced couples. Both parents can get pretty emotional about the significance of…

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Here’s Your Checklist for Setting Divorce Goals

In a previous post we talked about how it’s important to set some goals for your divorce so you can have a productive conversation with your attorney. Walking in knowing what you hope to accomplish is even one of the best ways to save money on a divorce, as it allows us to avoid wasting…

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Why Divorce Wrecks Your Credit, and What You Can Do About It

Divorce doesn’t have to be a source of massive financial drama, but it often is. Financial trouble can even rear its ugly head when the couple has a lot of assets. People like to blame the lawyers for this, but legal fees usually aren’t the problem. Instead, the problem tends to flow from one of…

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5 Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Divorce from Destroying Your Finances

Divorce can be so financially devastating that we’ve observed it often goes hand-in-hand with bankruptcy. Of course, the financial implications of divorce aren’t the only reason divorce and bankruptcy are so closely related. Often, severe financial problems are the reason why the marriage is ending in the first place. Whatever your situation, you’ve got serious…

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Should You Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on Your Ex?

If your ex-spouse is being ordered to pay child support or spousal support then you have one more step to take after your divorce decree is signed. You need to seriously consider taking out a life insurance policy on your ex. This is counter intuitive. Most people think they can only take out a life…

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These Co-Parenting Mistakes Will Get You Into Hot Water

Even divorced celebrities struggle with the issue of parenting time. It’s not that uncommon for visitation to remain a sticky issue well after the divorce is finalized. Everyone’s heard about the ways people can get into trouble because of child support payments. But there are plenty of ways to get into trouble as a co-parent,…

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How to Lower the Cost of Your Divorce

The average cost of a divorce in America is $15,000. That doesn’t mean your divorce is going to cost that much. Indeed, a lot of people make silly mistakes which increase the costs of their divorce. And while it’s a good idea to have some money set aside to get through the process, you shouldn’t…

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4 Problems Your Divorce Lawyer Can Help With

Getting a divorce really is the equivalent of getting major surgery, so we’re always surprised to find individuals continuing to try to file pro se. Sure, there are dozens of websites which can make it seem like nothing could be simpler than filing divorce paperwork, but divorce is about more than the paperwork. As Philadelphia…

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What Bitcoin Could Mean for Your Pennsylvania Divorce

Bitcoin seems like it would be a marital asset like any other. But across the nation, Bitcoin is creating real challenges for us family lawyers. There are no laws on the books which specifically address Bitcoin and divorce in our state. But divorcing couples certainly recognize the need to watch this asset. Right now, overseas,…

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How Your Pennsylvania Divorce Could Impact Your Apartment Lease

There’s always a lot of discussion about home ownership whenever the topic of divorce comes up. Often, there’s an assumption a family home with a mortgage is somewhere in the mix.   But plenty of married people live in apartments, and plenty of divorcing spouses wind up with apartment leases they have to deal with.…


Strategies for Protecting Your Business In the Event of a Pennsylvania Divorce

Want to talk about a terrible divorce outcome? Losing the company you built from the ground up. You end up an unwilling business partner with your former marriage partner. Your entire company could collapse, too. Sometimes the business is even the cause for the divorce. If you’re just starting your business or just entering into…

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How to Create a Solid Parenting Plan

In a recent post we talked about divorcing well, and touched on how to do that in a way that could make your children’s lives better. One of the things we talked about was creating a plan for parenting time built on mutual respect, something both parties could adhere to and could make work. Today,…

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