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5 Dirty Tricks Your Ex May Try

Some divorces don’t run smoothly. Sometimes, this is because your ex might try a few tactics to make it harder for you to walk away with a fair deal. Fortunately, there are answers for every dirty trick your ex may try. “Conflicting Out. This is a tactic your ex may use before you even know…

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5 Ways to Avoid Dragging Out Your Divorce

As Philadelphia divorce attorneys, the one question we hear more than any other is, “when’s this divorce going to be over with?” The process isn’t pleasant. We understand how badly you want to get on with your life. And, in fact, wanting a shorter divorce is smart. And while there’s no predicting how long a…

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4 Things to Know About Debt and Divorce

As Philadelphia family lawyers, we’ve seen it again and again. Debt is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Even “good” debt, like student loan debt, can cause enough strife to end a marriage. The problem can get even worse when one or both spouses are keeping secrets about spending, a growing problem that…

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For a Smoother Season, Avoid these Holiday Co-Parenting Mistakes

There’s no doubt about it: the holidays can be one of the toughest times of year for parents. It’s a time that’s already normally full of stress, laden with expectations, and weighed down with hectic, jam-packed schedules. Add co-parenting into the mix, and you’ve got some real challenges ahead. Failing to check the holiday parenting…


How Technology Can Help You Co-Parent

The vast majority of parents in Pennsylvania will end up with some sort of co-parenting arrangement after their divorce. Any tool making it easier to do so is something worth checking out. Modern parents have a lot of great options to choose from. Many of them solve the biggest co-parenting problems out there: namely, scheduling…

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How to Speed Up Your Divorce

Even celebrities stress out over how long their divorce is taking. We’ve never met anyone having a divorce who doesn’t want to know how they can get through it just as quickly as possible. While it’s impossible to predict how long your divorce will take, there are a few things you can do to make…

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What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation is a highly contentious subject which often comes into play during high-conflict custody disputes. It is a subject which makes an already complex problem more complex, and demonstrates why nobody who has children should even think about divorcing pro se. The term made its first appearance in 1985. It describes the phenomenon by…


Why Your Temper is the Biggest Liability in Your Custody Case

Custody cases are terrifying. Emotions run high. But as Pennsylvania divorce attorneys, we routinely counsel our clients to stay as calm as possible. Get therapy, meditate, do whatever it takes, but control your emotions: especially your temper. A loss of temper can come back to haunt you, even if you think nobody’s watching. It almost…

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5 Ways to Waste Your Energy During a Divorce

As Philadelphia family attorneys we end up having to correct a lot of misconceptions about divorce. These misconceptions can impact how clients try to approach their divorce, and can lead them to wasting a lot of energy. Sometimes this wasted energy just prolongs the process. Sometimes it leads to making bad decisions. Either way it…

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Will My Child Have to Appear in Divorce Court?

As Pennsylvania divorce attorneys we hear from many parents who are concerned about the prospect of their child being called to testify in child custody proceedings. Most are concerned their children will be traumatized by this event. Fortunately, we can say with some ease that the worst fears of these parents rarely come to pass,…

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What You Need to Know About Supervised Visitation

As Philadelphia family lawyers we get a lot of questions about supervised visitation. It can be confusing, even distressing, to hear you can’t see your child without having someone else present. Here’s what you need to know if you are the parent in this situation. If you’re the custodial parent with some questions about supervised…

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Why You Need an Attorney for Your Pennsylvania Adoption

As Pennsylvania family law attorneys we meet a lot of people who are very surprised to learn they might need a lawyer for their adoption. Often people have the idea they can just walk into an agency, follow whatever procedure the agency sets for them, pay a bunch of money, and they’re done. But adoption…

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Can An Adult Child Sue for Back Child Support in Pennsylvania?

Child support remains both a controversial and somewhat misunderstood subject. And as Philadelphia divorce lawyers, we hear a lot of questions about it, especially since a great deal of child support goes unpaid in our state. One question we sometimes get comes from an adult child, say, a college student, or a young person just…

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Co-Parenting Your Way Through the Holidays

The final quarter of the year is here, which means all the holidays are on the way. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Christmas. Kwanzaa. New Years. And any other major holiday you may celebrate between now and January 1, 2019. Holidays can be fraught for divorced couples. Both parents can get pretty emotional about the significance of…

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Here’s Your Checklist for Setting Divorce Goals

In a previous post we talked about how it’s important to set some goals for your divorce so you can have a productive conversation with your attorney. Walking in knowing what you hope to accomplish is even one of the best ways to save money on a divorce, as it allows us to avoid wasting…

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