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Can I Leave the State After My Pennsylvania Divorce?

There are dozens of reasons why a person might want to relocate. A new job. A new relationship. But if you have children and have been through a divorce, the process of relocating is anything but simple. You can’t just pick up and go. Found On This Page Pennsylvania’s definition of relocation.One of 2 things…

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Should You Respond to Spousal Saber Rattling?

“If you don’t agree to my terms I’ll take you for everything you have.” “Do what I want, or I’ll sue for custody and you’ll never see the kids again. Some overly controlling spouses try to intimidate their way to a big win during the divorce process. They come up with vastly unfair terms, and…

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Can My Spouse and I Share an Attorney?

If you and your spouse aren’t doing too much fighting over the divorce, you may be tempted to save money by trying to hire one attorney to handle the whole thing. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. First, if you both had the same lawyer that lawyer would have a serious conflict of interest. It wouldn’t be…

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What Happens to My Inheritance During a Pennsylvania Divorce?

One of the biggest stresses of a divorce is trying to understand what becomes of assets you may be counting on. If one of those assets is a sizable inheritance from a family member, it’s only natural to want to protect it.   So how do Pennsylvania family courts handle inheritances?   Found On This…

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Is it Possible to Get My Ex Out of the House in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

In the past we’ve done a lot of blogging about two big issues that can arise with marital homes. The first is urging most clients not to fight for the home.   See also: 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Fight for the House in Your PA Divorce   The second is urging most clients not to…

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5 Signs You Shouldn’t Fight for the House in your PA Divorce

The house is often one of the biggest points of contention in a divorce case. It can become the one sticking point that keeps couples from reaching an equitable settlement.   But keeping the house isn’t always advantageous. In fact, it’s often a really bad idea.   Here’s how to figure out whether it’s time…

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4 Steps to Take Immediately After Getting Served With Divorce Papers

Maybe you knew it was coming. Maybe it was a total shock. But you’ve now been served with the Summons and Complaint that starts the divorce process.   What you do within the next several days will make a huge impact on your divorce case.   Found On This Page 1. Take a deep breath.2.…

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What You Need to Do When You Are Divorcing a Spouse Who Has Committed Financial Infidelity

Financial infidelity is a topic that’s been getting more attention.   Never heard the term before?   It describes the behavior spouses engage in when they hide assets, debts, or spending habits from their partner. Sooner or later these habits create havoc in the household while breaking trust.   It’s as difficult to recover from…

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5 Times Your Philadelphia Divorce Case Needs to Go to Trial

90% of the time divorces don’t go to trial. Most of the time, they shouldn’t. It’s more than possible to use what the law says you’re entitled to so you can come to a settlement.   But sometimes, a divorce trial is the only responsible option. The trick is recognizing when it’s time to fight…

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How to Tell if a Divorce Lawyer is Right for You

One of the worst situations you can find yourself in as a divorcee is to be trapped with a lawyer who is working counter to your interests, who doesn’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish, or who doesn’t communicate with you.   There are lots of great divorce lawyers in Philadelphia, and in all the…

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Is Divorce Always Expensive?

As with so many things, when it comes to the law, the answer to whether divorce is always expensive is a solid, “It depends.” Or, perhaps, more accurately, the answer is a solid, “it depends on you.” At least, it depends, in part, on you. And it depends, in part, on your spouse. You can…

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7 Bad Divorce Moves to Avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes in any legal matter. It’s especially easy when your emotions are running high, as they tend to do in the middle of a divorce. But sometimes getting a good outcome in your divorce case is as much about avoiding missteps as it is about making good moves. Here’s some common…

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Can You Sell Your Home During a PA Divorce?

While it’s much more common for a home to be sold after the divorce is finalized, there are instances during which it will be on the market before then. In some cases the judge may order the home be put on the market while the details of the divorce are still being hammered out. It’s…

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Why Your Second Marriage Definitely Calls for a Prenup

As Philadelphia divorce lawyers we recommend prenups to any couple getting married at any age. But we are especially adamant about telling our clients to nail down a prenup if they’re pursuing their second marriages. And this is true even if it’s your first and your SO’s second, or your second and your SO’s first.…

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4 Signs a Pennsylvania Collaborative Divorce is the Wrong Move

Collaborative divorce sounds like a low-key, friendly, and inexpensive way to get a divorce. And it can be. It can also create major problems if you’re not a good candidate for it. Here’s how to tell if an attempt at a collaborative divorce is likely to be more trouble than it’s worth. See also: Collaborative…

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