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What is Physical Custody?

When divorce arises, nobody wants to give up possession of anything— especially not children. In such situations divorcing spouses who have children must decide who will get various forms of child custody: it’s noteworthy that physical custody can get especially contentious.

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What is Spousal Support?

Even though the terms “spousal support” and “alimony” are used interchangeably, they are actually quite distinctive. While both mean that one spouse pays the other; a spousal support order is made before a divorce is finalized. In essence, it means one spouse will provide support to the other spouse after they have separated. In some…

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How Do I know if I am Entitled to Child Support?

After a divorce, child support is a constant topic of discussion. Child support is basically the amount of money paid monthly to the person who is raising a child to help cover the child’s expenses. The custodial parent, or the parent who has primary custody of the child, receives money from the non-custodial parent, who…

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What Assets am I Entitled to Receive in my Divorce?

Found On This Page 1. Real Estate2. Retirement Savings3. Cash savings or Liquid Investments 1. Real Estate For many married couples, their biggest asset (and sometimes their biggest debt) is found in their marital home. Because the “marital estate” of any divorcing couple is comprised of most assets and most debts acquired or incurred between…

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What Must You Do To Notify Your Spouse of Your Divorce Filing?

Once you have made the decision to file a complaint in divorce and the complaint has been prepared, signed, and filed, the next step is to provide your spouse with a copy of the divorce complaint and required accompanying documents in one a few specific ways outlined under Pennsylvania Law. Generally, before the Plaintiff in…

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Do Courts Favor the Mother or Father in Pennsylvania Child Custody Cases?

“Will the Custody court favor me because I am the child’s mother?” “Will the Custody court favor my child’s mother because she is the mother?” These are both commonly asked questions regarding child custody cases. The answer, according to Pennsylvania law, is “no.” Pennsylvania child custody law is specifically gender neutral. Found On This Page…

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Pennsylvania Custody Rights for Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

Often when a child’s parents do not reside together the issue of grandparents’ and great-grandparents Pennsylvania custody rights arises. In Philadelphia custody cases, as in other Pennsylvania Counties, the right of a grandparent or great grandparent to request partial physical custody or supervised physical custody is governed by state law. In order for a grandparent…

5 Ways to Prepare for Divorce in Philadelphia

5 Ways to Prepare for Divorce in Philadelphia

Found On This Page Gather Financial Information and Copy DocumentsConsult with an Experienced Divorce AttorneySet Aside Money for Legal Fees and Other Separation-Related ExpensesObtain a Post Office Box or Other Secure Mailing AddressOpen your Own Bank Accounts Gather Financial Information and Copy Documents I cannot stress this piece of advice enough. Often times, a potential…

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16 Factors that Courts Will Consider in Your Child Custody Case

Many people are particularly interested in the factors Pennsylvania judges must use to guide their analysis in a child custody dispute. Thankfully, Pennsylvania law is rather straightforward about setting forth the individual factors that judges in the state must consider when rendering a child custody decision. In fact, in January of 2011, a new Pennsylvania…

Physical and Legal Custody Under Pennsylvania Law

Physical and Legal Custody Under Pennsylvania Law

When two parents are going through a divorce or they simply do not reside together, they will usually need to address child custody either by coming to an agreement between them or by asking the court to make a decision regarding child custody. Child custody in Pennsylvania is divided into two major parts, physical custody…

Where Do You File a Divorce in Philadelphia?

Where Do You File a Divorce in Philadelphia?

Every divorce case is different. Some cases are very complex and involve assets and liabilities, child custody, and alimony, among other issues that must be resolved either by the court or by a written agreement between the parties before a divorce may be granted by the court. Other cases are very simple and do not…

Intersection of Divorce and Bankruptcy

Intersection of Divorce and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Family Law issues often go hand in hand. Financial difficulties can often result in divorce and vice versa. Keeping that in mind, it is important to be aware of the numerous ways in which your or your spouse’s bankruptcy can potentially affect your or your spouse’s ability to pursue and obtain a divorce.

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