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Pennsylvania Adoption Lawyers

Pennsylvania Adoption Requirements

Adoption is a wonderful thing. It helps children who otherwise have no home find a family that will treat them as one of their own. Before Pennsylvania law lets you adopt, there are a few requirements that must be met. Whether you are adopting from an orphanage in Pennsylvania, another state, another country, or adopting…

Philadelphia Divorce Lawyers

Separation vs. Divorce in Pennsylvania – What’s the Difference?

You may have heard people say that they aren’t divorces – but they’re separated. You may also be separated yourself, or considering separation. From the perspective of a non-lawyer, it may seem like it’s an alternative to divorce, or a step along the way towards divorce. In reality, it’s difficult to tell what exactly the…

Philadelphia Child Support Nonpayment Attorneys

Can You be Arrested for Not Paying Child Support in Pennsylvania?

Child support can be an extremely frustrating system for many Pennsylvanians. While it may seem like child support payments are too expensive, or the system is working against you, you should continue to pay child support. There are methods of lowering child support payments if they are too expensive, but failing to pay can lead…

Who Gets the Ring in a Divorce or Broken Engagement?

Who Gets the Ring in a Divorce or Broken Engagement?

Breaking up is hard, especially after years of marriage. Since rings are such a strong symbol of marriage, and many married people become very close to engagement rings and wedding rings, the question of who gets the rings is very difficult. Especially when wedding rings – or the engagement ring – are worth a lot…

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Filing a Protective Order is Free Under Pennsylvania Law

Pennsylvania’s “restraining orders” for abuse victims are called “protective orders,” or “protection from abuse orders” (PFAs).  Anyone who feels threatened or abused by a spouse, significant other, dating partner, or household family member can seek a PFA at no cost. If you have felt threatened, do not hesitate to seek a protection from abuse order. …

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Is Adultery Grounds for a Divorce in an “Open Marriage”?

Today, “open marriages” are becoming more and more common.  In the past week, there have been dozens of news stories, think pieces, and celebrity columns about monogamy and open marriages.  Not every marriage works out, and the same is no less true for open marriages. In a standard, closed marriage, parties can get divorces based…

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If I Get a New Job, Can I Get Alimony Changed in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, to change an alimony order, you need to show a “material and substantial change in circumstances.”  Many times, getting a new job will count as a “material and substantial change,” and can lead to a change in alimony.  Whether you are getting or paying alimony, a big job change might be enough to…

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Breaking Off an Engagement in Pennsylvania

Historically, engagements were about as legally binding as a marriage. Today, though, engagements are very different. Ending an engagement is not as complicated as a divorce, but does have some complicated legal principles to account for. Our Philadelphia divorce lawyers explain some basic points about recovering wedding-related expenses after an engagement is broken off in Pennsylvania,…

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What are the Legal Rights of Unmarried Couples After a Breakup?

Marriage is not for everyone.  So many people today live together, but never actually get married.  While there are systems in place for married couples to get divorced, there is not really a similar system for unmarried couples.

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Changes May Be on the Way for Protection from Abuse Orders in Pennsylvania

The current system of protection from abuse orders (PFAs) in Pennsylvania aims to keep victims of abuse safe from further harm.  PFAs place strict conditions on defendants, and work quickly.  There are also stiff penalties for violating PFAs.

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What Can I Do if I Am Not Receiving Child Support Payments in Pennsylvania?

When married parents get divorced, the custodial parent (parent with custody) is often left with considerably less income.  This can create financial strain for the custodial parent as they raise their young child.  To remedy this situation, the law allows Pennsylvania’s family courts to order non-custodial parents to provide financial support to custodial parents.  This…

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How to Reduce Alimony in Pennsylvania

Alimony is a recurring payment from one spouse to the other following a divorce in Pennsylvania.  The courts consider the financial repercussions of each divorce on a case-by-case basis, and do not always find that alimony is appropriate.  However, when alimony is awarded, it can gradually become a serious financial burden for the payor spouse. …

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Limits Grandparent’s Rights

In the recent case of D.P v. G.D.P the Pennsylvania Supreme Court tackled a touchy subject in child custody cases, that is the rights of the custodial rights of grandparents.  Specifically, the case of D.P v. G.D.P struck down a provision of Domestic Relations Code that gave grandparents the legal ability, or standing, to sue…

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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Pennsylvania?

When beginning the Pennsylvania divorce process, one of the first questions many people ask is how much their divorce is going to cost.  While it is impossible to answer that question without first knowing the details of your family’s circumstances, our Philadelphia divorce lawyers can provide general guidance on some of the expenses associated with…

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When are you Entitled to Alimony?

When you get married you are not only becoming a couple in the eyes of the law, but you are also becoming a couple oftentimes in the eyes of the bank. Couples commonly mix their assets and it is not uncommon for one spouse to support the other. However, while this is generally not a…

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