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Where Do You File a Divorce in Philadelphia?



Where Do You File a Divorce in Philadelphia?

Every divorce case is different. Some cases are very complex and involve assets and liabilities, child custody, and alimony, among other issues that must be resolved either by the court or by a written agreement between the parties before a divorce may be granted by the court. Other cases are very simple and do not require the resolution of such issues before a divorce decree may be granted by the court.

If your case is the former, a more complicated matter with assets to divide or other financial claims such as alimony to resolve, then Pennsylvania Divorce law holds that the proper venue, or County, in which to file your case is either the County where you reside or the County where your spouse resides.

If your case is the latter, a less complicated matter where you do not require the division of assets or resolution of other financial claims, then you may want to consider filing your Pennsylvania divorce in a low cost County.

Choosing the Proper (And Most Economically Efficient) Venue in which to File your Pennsylvania Divorce

What is a low cost County? Each County in Pennsylvania sets its own filing fees that must be paid in order to file your divorce paperwork with the court. Most of the Counties surrounding and including Philadelphia County (for example Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, and Chester Counties) charge relatively high filing fees of $300.00 and up. Other Pennsylvania Counties such as Cameron County and Potter County charge less than $100.00 in filing fees. The difference in filing fees and an uncomplicated financial situation can mean big savings for some clients.

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