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Types of Child Custody in Pennsylvania

PA Types of Custody

Pennsylvanians are often confused about what type of custody they may have. TV and movies often just discuss “custody” as one thing, but there are multiple elements of “custody,” and multiple types of custody to explore. If you are considering suing for custody, or are currently involved in a custody dispute, it is important to…

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Pennsylvania Spousal Support Laws 2017

Spousal Support in PA 2017

Whether spousal support (also known as alimony) is awarded, and how much support you can receive or be forced to pay, is based on several factors. Many of these factors change as life goes on, and it is important to periodically review your spousal support orders and check if they are still appropriate. Also, Pennsylvania…

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Pennsylvania Child Custody Laws 2017

2017 Child Custody Laws in PA

Single parents, unmarried parents, and divorced parents should always stay up to date on child custody laws in their state. States like Pennsylvania periodically update their laws to account for changes in society, pressure from parents and courts, and the need for more equal laws. In 2017, there have been a few updates to PA…

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Guidelines for Fathers’ Rights in Pennsylvania

Fathers' Rights Guidelines PA

Although the law is written so that it does not discriminate between fathers and mothers, many fathers still feel like they face an uphill battle when it comes to issues of child custody and child support. The Philadelphia fathers’ rights lawyers at The Sadek and Cooper Law Offices represent parents who are trying to get…

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How are Divorce Settlements Calculated in Pennsylvania?

Divorce Settlement Calculations in PA

Calculating how much you are entitled to in a divorce is a difficult matter. There are multiple financial issues that need to be decided, and dozens of questions both sides need to answer before they can get close to determining the division of assets, any spousal support payments, any child support payments, and any other…

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Can Child Support be Lowered if I Have Another Child in PA?

Philadelphia Child Support Modification Lawyers

Child support laws in Pennsylvania are aimed at helping children have access to the necessities of life: shelter, nutrition, education, clothing, healthcare, etc. Child support allows the custodial parent to spread the cost of these necessities to the other parent. If you are paying child support, the cost of raising another child in your own…

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Can Child Support be Dropped in Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia Child Support Termination

If you have been ordered to pay child support in Pennsylvania, your first goal may be to figure out a way to stop paying child support. On the other hand, if you are receiving child support payments from your children’s other parent, you may be worried that the money may suddenly come to an end.…

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When Are Fault Divorces Granted in Pennsylvania?

Philadelphia Divorce Lawyers

If you are considering undergoing a divorce, or are currently in the middle of the process, it may seem like the ultimate goal is very far away. The processes for getting a divorce based on one party’s fault can be difficult, drawn-out processes in Pennsylvania. Not only might there be disagreement and animosity between the…

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