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The Difference Between Fair and Equitable

One of the most misunderstood realities of divorce is this: divorce isn’t necessarily fair as you understand fair, especially when it comes to the division of property and debts. In fact, the word “fair” probably trips up more divorcing couples than any other word. For example, many people believe that dividing property is as simple…

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What is Harassment in a PA Divorce Case?

Harassment can have a huge impact on a divorce case, as well as on the health and well-being of the victim. And often, the person committing the crime (it is a criminal act, though it’s often treated like a minor one) doesn’t even realize they’ve crossed a line. Emotions run away, people stop thinking before…

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5 Places to Look for Hidden Assets

It’s sad but true: lots of spouses panic when a divorce is imminent. And there is usually one spouse who makes more money, and one spouse who handles the finances. Some spouses even start hiding money during the marriage.  The result can be a spouse who acts in bad faith and who begins trying to…

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Who Can Testify at a Pennsylvania Custody Hearing or Trial?

Witnesses are an important part of any Pennsylvania custody proceeding. A handful of well-chosen, relevant witnesses can make a big difference in your case. It will be important for you to sit down with your lawyer, providing the names and contact information of potential witnesses. You will also need to have some idea of what…

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Why Divorce Court Gender Discrimination is a Myth

There is a persistent myth which goes around claiming courts are biased towards one gender or the other. Men claim there is bias against men when the issue of child custody or spousal support comes up. Women claim there is bias against women when abuse comes up. While there is certainly some room for judges…

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When Can You End a Lifetime Spousal Support Award?

Lifetime spousal support awards can be extremely distressing for the payor. They can cut deeply into the payor’s lifestyle, and leave him or her tethered to a spouse who they’d hoped to see the last of. And when the award is “for life,” the situation may sound hopeless. But alimony can be modified, or even…

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5 Things That Can Get Your Prenup Dismissed

Think your prenup is set in stone, and you’ve got a sure thing in the event of a divorce? Not so fast. Prenups aren’t absolute. There are several bad moves you can make which can invalidate them altogether. Pay close attention, because once a judge throws out your prenup you’ll enter the divorce process as…

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Can I Leave the State After My Pennsylvania Divorce?

There are dozens of reasons why a person might want to relocate. A new job. A new relationship. But if you have children and have been through a divorce, the process of relocating is anything but simple. You can’t just pick up and go. Pennsylvania’s definition of relocation. Some states define a relocation as any…

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Should You Respond to Spousal Saber Rattling?

“If you don’t agree to my terms I’ll take you for everything you have.” “Do what I want, or I’ll sue for custody and you’ll never see the kids again. Some overly controlling spouses try to intimidate their way to a big win during the divorce process. They come up with vastly unfair terms, and…

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Can My Spouse and I Share an Attorney?

If you and your spouse aren’t doing too much fighting over the divorce, you may be tempted to save money by trying to hire one attorney to handle the whole thing. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. First, if you both had the same lawyer that lawyer would have a serious conflict of interest. It wouldn’t be…

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