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7 Bad Divorce Moves to Avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes in any legal matter. It’s especially easy when your emotions are running high, as they tend to do in the middle of a divorce. But sometimes getting a good outcome in your divorce case is as much about avoiding missteps as it is about making good moves. Here’s some common…

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Can You Sell Your Home During a PA Divorce?

While it’s much more common for a home to be sold after the divorce is finalized, there are instances during which it will be on the market before then. In some cases the judge may order the home be put on the market while the details of the divorce are still being hammered out. It’s…

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Why Your Second Marriage Definitely Calls for a Prenup

As Philadelphia divorce lawyers we recommend prenups to any couple getting married at any age. But we are especially adamant about telling our clients to nail down a prenup if they’re pursuing their second marriages. And this is true even if it’s your first and your SO’s second, or your second and your SO’s first.…

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4 Signs a Pennsylvania Collaborative Divorce is the Wrong Move

Collaborative divorce sounds like a low-key, friendly, and inexpensive way to get a divorce. And it can be. It can also create major problems if you’re not a good candidate for it. Here’s how to tell if an attempt at a collaborative divorce is likely to be more trouble than it’s worth. See also: Collaborative…

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How Mental Illness Can Impact a Custody Case

Given tens of millions of Americans each year suffer from mental illness it’s no surprise the issue comes up in custody cases quite a bit. And in general, the presence of a mentally ill parent can cause stress both to the ill parent (who fears losing their child) and the neurotypical parent (who may fear…

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8 Things To Avoid Doing During Your Pennsylvania Custody Battle

It’s extremely stressful to learn your ex is making a bid for sole custody. And when a person is under stress, a person is also prone to making mistakes. Here are eight mistakes you should avoid making if you don’t want to increase your ex’s chances of winning. Found On This Page 1. Dating.2. Losing…

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3 Things You Need to Tell Your Divorce Attorney

While it should go without saying that you should be honest with your own divorce attorney, the sad reality is a lot of clients lie. Embarrassment can cause even the smartest person to start attempting to sweep things under the rug. Look, we already know you’re not perfect. We know your spouse is probably not…

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Who Gets the Dog in My Pennsylvania Divorce?

If you feel like your pet is a member of your family, you’re not alone. In fact, psychologists have recognized the validity of this statement for a very long time.They’ve noted, for example, losing a pet causes the exact same stages of grief as losing any human family member.And every year, Americans collectively spend an…

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Is It Ever Worth it to Hire A Private Investigator for your Pennsylvania Divorce Case?

Most Pennsylvania divorcees will be able to get through the entire process from start to finish without ever having to hire a PI for any reason. Yet there are some instances in which hiding a PI can be advantageous or appropriate. Found On This Page Do you think your spouse is hiding assets?Do you think…

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How to Discuss Your Prenup the Right Way

If you’ve been following this blog long enough you’ll know our advice to most couples who are getting married in the state of Pennsylvania is to pursue a prenuptial agreement. But we hear from many clients they find the idea of talking about a prenup scary and difficult. They aren’t sure what the etiquette is,…

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Here’s How You Know You Need a Prenup

As Philadelphia prenup lawyers we hear one question again and again: “I don’t really need a prenup…do I?” We get it. Prenups don’t seem very romantic. Asking for one makes you feel like you’re saying you don’t trust your partner. Found On This Page So how do you know you need one?It’s Not About Current…

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What to Do If You Feel Bullied by Your Ex

Bullying behavior can be one of the most distressing parts of seeking a divorce. And sometimes it comes out of the blue. Not all divorce bullies were abusive or violent prior to the split. Of course, this situation adds a great deal of stress to an already-stressful scenario. You may even start to fear for…

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Collaborative Divorce in PA: What You Need to Know

On June 28 of last year, Governor Tom Wolf signed H.B. 1644 into law. Known as the Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act, this law regulates and codifies a process known as collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce has always existed, and has always been an option. However, the law creates a uniform standard of practice for all parties…

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What You Need to Know About Grey Divorce

Whether you want to call them grey divorces, silver divorces, or diamond divorces, baby boomers are now dissolving their marriages in record numbers. And if you’re one of them, you may be wondering how your divorce will differ from the divorce of a younger couple. Here’s what you need to know. You’ll have a smaller…

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Divorce

Telling your kids about the divorce is one of the hardest tasks you’ll face. It’s not only difficult emotionally, but it’s possible to cause your kids some real problems if you don’t handle this aspect of your divorce correctly.   This crucial conversation will serve as your very first coparenting challenge.   Time the discussion…

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