4 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Divorce

As Philadelphia divorce attorneys we meet clients on a regular basis who make major mistakes before they ever come to us. We’re hoping to help you avoid some of them here and now, so your divorce case moves a bit more smoothly when the time comes. And some of the worst ones can happen not…


4 Advantages of Keeping the Moral High Ground During a Divorce

It’s easy to let your emotions take over during the divorce. But there are major advantages to avoiding some of the typical bad behaviors some divorcees indulge in. If you can avoid yelling, name-calling, dirty tricks, manipulations and using your children as a pawn you will have won more of the divorce battle than you…


This Divorce Strategy Will Improve Your Position

As Philadelphia divorce attorneys we see clients who come to us in a variety of emotional states. Confusion, fear, and anger are all very common, as are guilt and shame. Thus, we see a lot of clients who have no idea what they want out of their divorce. And while we can certainly help you…


4 Things You Should Know About Divorce Trials in Pennsylvania

After numerous rounds of motions, proposals to settle from one side or the other, and the making of emergency arrangements, it’s become clear. You and your spouse are never going to settle your issues without a trial. It happens. As Pennsylvania divorce attorneys we find many of our clients are quite intimidated about the trial…


What You Need to Know About Debt and Your Pennsylvania Divorce

We’ve spent a lot of time here on our blog discussing the distribution of marital assets. However, as Philadelphia family lawyers we see just as many couples who are deep in debt. When that happens, debts, and the responsibility to pay those debts, get divided just like assets would. However, things can get sticky, because…


3 Things You Should Safeguard Before You Start Your Divorce

Regardless of whether you’re initiating the divorce or have received the unhappy news recently, you need to tread carefully. Every move you make from now until the time you receive your final judgment could have an impact on what your life looks like when the divorce is done. And there’s no guarantee your spouse won’t…


7 Bad Social Media Moves That Can Cost You During Your Divorce

By now, it’s probably safe to say most people are aware unwise use of social media can come back to bite them. In job hunts, in friendships, and in divorces. However, as Philadelphia divorce attorneys we often find people don’t understand precisely what they can do to get themselves into trouble. The list is a…


Should You Move Out During Your Divorce?

As Philadelphia divorce attorneys we see clients who have made a lot of problems for themselves and their divorce before they ever walk through the door. It’s no reflection on them—this is an emotional time, and mistakes are easy to make. But we do wish we could warn them in advance, which is one of…


Does Domestic Violence Impact the Distribution of Marital Property?

If you are seeking a divorce because you are a victim of domestic violence you may be wondering if your spouse’s actions will have any bearing on the distribution of marital property. It may only seem fair, since you’ve suffered at your spouse’s hands. But Title 23, the section of Pennsylvania law governing marriages and…


What is a Bifurcation Agreement?

In a previous post we mentioned a bifurcation agreement that had impacted a case, Middleton v. Middleton. It may not be a term that’s very familiar to you. Bifurcation is an option when divorces drag on at length. Usually, divorces get stalled primarily by property issues. Meanwhile, one or both spouses might be ready to…


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