Same-sex marriage: when female couples separate

If you’re a lesbian or transgender woman who has decided to call it quits with your partner, keep reading to discover how you can navigate your divorce process best and what some of the difficulties you may expect.

5 ways to ready your finances for divorce

money and divorce

By having a good, comprehensive grasp of your finances before you start the legal proceedings, you increase the likelihood of getting all that you deserve. Make sure to contact an experienced divorce lawyer to handle your Philadelphia based case to ensure the best outcome.

Can you travel for the holidays with a custody agreement?

dad and son

If you are divorced and have children, it’s important to get a good grasp of your visitation arrangement now so that you won’t have even more stress when the holidays hit. If you and your ex-partner can’t get along well enough to hash things out with each other, mediation can provide the level ground necessary to make decisions that will keep everyone safe, happy, and able to enjoy the season.

5 Holiday Child Custody Arrangement Tips

Every parent wants their child to be with them for every special part of the holidays, but newly separated or divorcing couples can find it difficult to come to a holiday custody agreement. Contact our family lawyers to help you reach an agreement.

5 tips for a divorce during the holidays

Trying to navigate Thanksgiving and Christmas can be stressful for the average couple, but it can be especially stressful and heartbreaking for splitting couples in the process or filing for divorce.