The realities of Late-Life Divorce

old couple

From empty nest syndrome to financial difficulties, looming health problems and the feeling of living with a stranger, there are many factors that can tear older couples apart.

How to co-parent when schools reopen during a pandemic.

girl hug mom

With autumn quickly approaching, parents find themselves facing an even bigger dilemma – What should they do about school? For parents that are divorced and trying to co-parent, this can be even more challenging than most.

Yellow Phase: What to know about Child Custody

daughter hugging dad

Numerous parents are wondering, is it safe for children to be traveling back and forth right now? What if a parent misses out on time with their kids? Sadek and Cooper are here to share what you need to know about Philadelphia County’s yellow phase and child custody.

Are Courts Set To Reopen?

man in court

Sadek & Cooper is committed to keeping you updated on the Philadelphia court’s progression towards reopening through these unprecedented times.