What you need to know about a pandemic divorce

COVID-19 has changed many factors of divorce procedures and the divorce and family attorneys at Sadek and Cooper are here to help highlight what you should know.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed life for all of us; however, those who were in the midst of a divorce may have felt the weight of its impact greater than anyone else. As courthouses closed and court proceedings were stalled indefinitely, many splitting couples were unsure how to officially end their marriage. This was especially frustrating for Philadelphians who felt the need to put the relationship behind them or move on with a new partner. Even now, as courthouses start to cautiously reopen in many states, divorcing couples can be unsure how to move forward. COVID-19 has changed many factors of divorce procedures and Sadek and Cooper is here to help highlight what you need to know.

Moving Out of the Family Home

Splitting up is never easy and it’s even more challenging now as it can be difficult to find new housing – especially with evictions having been postponed. Additionally, couples that were previously financially secure and ready to split big assets like their home, may now find themselves back paying their mortgage and potentially sharing new debts. Families with children may also need to consider the dangers of moving kids to a different county than Philadelphia County and potentially changing their school district as there is not a uniform reopening plan for schools across the state. You may have to go back to your divorce attorney to redraw up agreements or amend them to fit your new situation.

Staying Safe During Court Proceedings

While courthouses open with stricter guidelines for safety, you shouldn’t forgo safety. Be sure to always wear a face mask and social distance when you have to be in a meeting with lawyers or during court proceedings. Consider hiring an attorney who will employ video conferencing and phone calls for your meetings like Sadek and Cooper.

Money Matters

In the past, many aspects of a divorce, such as alimony and child support, were based on income. During COVID-19, many individuals found their wages cut or significantly reduced. With no definite end in sight, it can be difficult to factor money, which will complicate the process of establishing the fairest support and alimony.

To Divorce or Not to Divorce?

Before the pandemic struck you might have been certain that you wanted to break up with your spouse. Or you may be like countless other Philadelphia County couples that thought things were fine until they were quarantined together! Despite the reasons behind the split, if you are considering a divorce these can be uncertain times to start the process which means you are more than ever in need of guidance from an experienced local divorce attorney. 

Should you get a divorce or not? While this is a difficult and personal decision normally, this is an even more complex process now. With shaky financial issues, visitation woes, and total uncertainty about the start of kids’ schools, there are many hurdles to overcome for Philadelphians thinking about divorce. If you are still unsure about a divorce or feel that you can still stand to live with your current spouse for a while longer, it might be best to consider mediation.

On the other hand, if you are sure that you want to end the marriage, you need to start taking action now! Courts are expecting to see a huge surge in divorce proceedings following the pandemic quarantines, so you should get in line immediately– otherwise, you might be stuck in an unhappy marriage for months or even years to come.

If you are considering a divorce, it’s time that you talk to a lawyer that will be on your side through the process and guide you. Contact us today to discover more about the benefits and downfalls to obtaining a divorce right now, and what option is best for your family!

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