Why You Need an Attorney for Your Pennsylvania Adoption


As Pennsylvania family law attorneys we meet a lot of people who are very surprised to learn they might need a lawyer for their adoption. Often people have the idea they can just walk into an agency, follow whatever procedure the agency sets for them, pay a bunch of money, and they’re done.

But adoption is far more complex than that, and while getting to a solid, reputable agency is helpful and important it doesn’t take care of all the problems that could arise during the adoption process.

Protect Your Future Parental Rights

Adoption requires birth parents to terminate their parental rights. If this isn’t done correctly you could enter a situation where the birth parents change their mind and want to take the child back.

As it is, Pennsylvania can be a very difficult state for parents who want to adopt a newborn, as it gives birth parents 30 days to revoke consent. Some parents get around this by adopting from another state, like New Jersey. We’re happy to help with that as we’re licensed in both states, but as you can imagine adopting children across state lines can become even more complicated.

And any adoption in any state can go wrong, especially if you don’t have a vigilant family attorney making sure everything’s being handled correctly. Adoption.org specifically recommends retaining a family attorney to prevent failed adoptions.

Adoption is also an important step for same-sex spouses wanting to protect their rights in regards to children they’ve raised as their own. Again, without an advocate you could find yourself separated from your children, perhaps for the rest of your life.

Get Help With the Complex Adoption Process

Even IVF can cause vast legal complications. Adopting a child that’s already born is just as complex.

For example, there are six different types of adoption in Pennsylvania. Sometimes choosing the right form of adoption is straightforward. Sometimes it isn’t.

Then there’s the mountains of paperwork. The need to navigate a home study and a hearing. The complications can mount quickly, and if you don’t have an attorney to help you navigate them the entire process can fail.

See also: Pennsylvania Adoption Requirements.

Get Peace of Mind

By hiring an experienced family attorney to handle your adoption you ensure you’ve taken every possible step you can take to make your new family a success. You’ll get the individual attention you need and the knowledge that everything has been done correctly and in accordance with the law.

So if you’re planning to adopt soon, don’t wait. Contact us for your free consultation today. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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