4 Things You Should Change After Your Divorce

As Philadelphia family law attorneys we often spend time on our blog offering information on what you should be doing before and during your divorce. But there are things you should be taking care of even after the ink dries on your divorce decree.

Today, we wanted to take a moment to cover those.

#1) Your Address

You may have won your house in the divorce, but there’s a good chance you can’t afford to keep it. Make sure you evaluate the financial feasibility of doing so before you settle in.

It’s good to keep the kids in the same school and neighborhood, but there may be rentals, or at least less expensive homes, you could consider which would help you meet the same goals.

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#2) The Locks

If you decide to keep the home you should change the locks for safety’s sake. Your spouse no longer lives there, so there’s no good reason to allow him or her to keep a key. It wouldn’t have been a good idea to change the locks while the divorce was ongoing (you couldn’t have legally kept your spouse out of the home anyway), but if you’ve won the house in the settlement it’s now yours and yours alone.

If you have a security system make sure you change the codes. This includes the password you use to verify your identity with the security company when they call in response to alarm system events.

#3) Your Budget

Your income is likely to change after the divorce, even if your settlement includes things like spousal support and child support. Spousal support is often temporary, and the two amounts together don’t always add up to the income you used to enjoy, even with any jobs you might currently be holding.

You can use any of these free budgeting tools to get started.

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#4) Your Expectations

Many divorcees believe they will never have to deal with their ex again once the decree is signed. It’s one of many unrealistic expectations we find our clients harbor during the divorce process.

If you have children, it’s almost never true. You’ll still have to work with your spouse to manage child support payments, parenting time, and a variety of child rearing issues your ex may still get to weigh in on.

When you adjust your expectations to fit this reality it becomes easier to find a cordial, civil way to deal with your ex. This can reduce the number of times you get dragged back into court to fight the same battles over again. In the same vein, you should consider maintaining a relationship with your divorce attorney so the same lawyer can come in and tackle these post-decree visits should they arise.

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No matter where you are in your divorce process, Sadek and Cooper is here to help.

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