Why People Need Divorce Lawyers in Philadelphia?

Legal issues surrounding divorce are often more complex than people expect when they file for divorce. In some cases, you may be able to apply for a no-fault divorce, which can go through the courts quickly and easily. Even in these cases, it may be difficult or confusing to file the paperwork with the courts. Many courthouse workers are not allowed to give legal advice or help you with the form or format of a court filing. Without the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you may be unable to properly file divorce paperwork and achieve your divorce goals.

Hiring an attorney has other benefits, including the ability to rely on the advice and experience of a professional. Especially if your spouse has hired an attorney, you should immediately consider hiring an attorney to represent you in your Pennsylvania divorce. For a free consultation on your divorce case, call the Philadelphia divorce attorneys at the Sadek and Cooper Law Offices today.

Challenges of Divorce Cases

In many divorce cases, there are dozens of issues to resolve. Sometimes, this means resolving issues between the parties, between the law and the client’s wishes, and between different issues of fact. This can turn a divorce case into a drawn-out legal battle that can take months to resolve. If you are considering divorce, there are issues surrounding which type of divorce you should use, division of property, and child custody issues.

Type of Divorce

The type of divorce that you choose often sets the tone for the divorce proceedings. In a no-fault divorce, both parties must agree or consent to a divorce. In cases of no-fault divorce, the parties may be willing to work together toward the common goal of finalizing a divorce. While this can make divorce cases easier, there are still requirements for filing paperwork and deciding other issues surrounding divorce.

If one party does not consent to the divorce, the other party must sue for a fault based divorce instead. These divorces often see more animosity between the parties. There are also highly technical proof requirements, shaped by years of case history and statutes. Hiring an attorney can help you navigate these murky waters and decide on the appropriate type of divorce for your case.

Philadelphia Property Division Lawyers

Division of Property

Dividing your assets upon divorce is a classic problem that couples around the country struggle with. Many times, these debates can become heated, especially in contentious divorces. Leaving the discussion of who gets what assets in the divorce to the parties themselves is often disastrous. One of the biggest roles for an attorney in a divorce is as a go-between for the parties. Each side’s attorneys can help their clients say what they need to say about dividing their property, and work to smooth out the conversation.

Child Custody

Lastly, child custody issues can become some of the most difficult issues, even in a no-fault divorce. In any divorce involving children, the parties may want to work-out what happens to the children. Even if you leave the decision in the judge’s hands, presenting your case in the expected manner can help you get what you want out of a child custody order. If maintaining or gaining custody of your children after a divorce is important to you, it may be very difficult to accomplish this without an attorney. Especially if the other party has an attorney, you could be severely handicapped if you handle the case on your own.

Benefits of a Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia

Having a divorce attorney handle your case gives you many benefits. Like any situation, the first is the comfort of being able to rely upon a trained professional. The divorce attorneys at Sadek and Cooper have decades of combined experience handling divorce cases. Plus, every attorney is qualified by the Pennsylvania Bar Association to handle legal cases. Most non-lawyers are not equipped for these kinds of cases. Specifically, having an attorney handle your divorce case can help with legal technicalities and help support you through the difficulties of divorce.

Many divorce and family laws are highly technical. For instance, it takes years of study and experience to fully understand the definitions of marital and individual property, or the technicalities surrounding tracing. When taking a divorce case before a judge, you are expected to be able to handle the case with the skill and knowledge of an attorney, even if you never passed the bar. Because of this, one of the surest ways to handle the case appropriately is to hire an experience attorney.

Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers

Support is important in a divorce case. Some divorces are based on abuse or unfaithfulness, and having someone fight your battles for you may be the best way to handle the situation. Not only can an attorney fight for you, but an attorney can help you decide what is and isn’t worth fighting for. Many people are too close to their own divorces and feel passionately about the determination of fault, what property and money they get to keep, or child custody decisions. Having an attorney can help distance you from the debate, and allow cooler heads to prevail. Since divorces can be very bitter, it is part of an attorney’s job to help their clients get their wishes across in a calm, collected way.

Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer

The Philadelphia family law attorneys at The Sadek and Cooper Law Offices help protect their clients and support them through difficult divorce proceedings. You don’t need to handle a divorce case on your own. There are plenty of ways that hiring a divorce attorney can make your divorce easier and help you get the divorce you want. For a free consultation on your case, call 215-814-0395 today.

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